Dorsey vs Crenshaw Football 2014

Dorsey vs Crenshaw Football 2014

Anybody getting stuck in a traffic jam near Rodeo and La Brea on Friday night should go ahead and park their car and follow the crowd, because Crenshaw and Dorsey will be adding another chapter to their decades old rivalry.

When it comes to City Section football, these two programs have won a number of City championships, and they have sent a number of players to college and the NFL.

The rivalry has been huge because this one game typically decides the Coliseum League championship.  It is also huge because the two schools are only 2.6 miles apart, so it has become the biggest game in the community that the two schools share.

Former Dorsey and Crenshaw players will always talk about their days playing in the game, and Pop Warner kids are dreaming about the day they will have their chance to play for one of these schools and complete against the other one.  Most of the players have been either teammates or competed against each other while playing for the Baldwin Hills Bruins, Wilshire Huskies, or in the Snoop League.  And from an early age, many of the players know which school they want to play for.


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