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The OooFBall and StubHub

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3 time Gold Medalist Steve Lewis showcases the OooFball circuit training to the StubHub staff.

Ruining the Game of Basketball

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I just read an article about Mark Jackson’s saying that Stephen Curry is ruining the game of basketball. I’m glad he brought the subject up because it definitely needs exploring. In my opinion, he’s pointing the finger in the wrong direction. It’s not that Stephen Curry is ruining the game of basketball, it’s the promotion of his shooting skills that is hurting the game of basketball. The technique used to promote basketball is based upon repetitive programming. Right now, they are only promoting shooting and dribbling and the audience is only viewing this glamorized approach to basketball. As little kids are influence by these manipulative techniques, their perspective of the game becomes skewed and their overall skill-set diminishes.

When I see basketball, I see the best athletes in world playing the worse basketball ever. The Cleveland Cavaliers are the epitome of a generation that does not know how to play basketball. Since 2011, the Cavaliers have had over 16 draft picks. In 2011, 2012, and 2013 they had (2) 1st round draft picks. They have had (3) #1 picks, (2) #4 picks, and in 2014 the signed the best basketball player in the game, Lebron James while also acquiring what was considered the Best Power forward in the game in Kevin Love. How it is that the Cavaliers who had access to the best basketball players available, come up so short. How can they play so poorly. Either their management has difficultly judging talent or the league itself has very little talent.

This all started during the Jordan era when they promoted the individual characteristics of Michael Jordan. I can remember the jingles now “Like Mike, If I can Be like Mike, I want to be like Mike”. The next thing you know, every little kid in the world is trying to be exactly like Michael Jordan. They didn’t promote Michael Jordan as part of the team. That became the missing ingredient, the team concept of basketball. Because, ironically, the teams that Michael Jordan had, weren’t really that good.

Back then, I was amazed at the lack of talent that was winning championships. I mean Pippen was okay but Pippen had his his moments, in crunch time, where he wasn’t very reliable. He’s was good number 2 mate, he’s actually was the perfect number 2 mate. But after that, the talent went down, way down. They didn’t have a center ( Bill Cartwright, Will Purdue, Luc Longley). They didn’t have a point guard (BJ Armstrong, John Paxton). Their bench was weak( Stacey King, Toni Kukoc). At least they had Rodman and Grant getting the boards and playing the physical game… but that was it. So the real asset to Michael Jordan was how he got all those wack ass, sorry role players to elevate their game and come through in the clutch.

Steve Kerr is the perfect example. Steve was a good jump shooting but he couldn’t be relied upon to hit that open three when you needed him to. Rumors had it, that Jordan threaten to kick Kerr’s ass if he didn’t start hitting the open 3. Whatever the method, Jordan made the players around him better. But the main ingredient being promoted was Michael Jordan’s individual skill-set. His athleticism, his ferocious dunks, his tongue handing out his mouth, these highlights were on Sports Center almost every night. Rarely would you see a stoplight on the methods Jordan used to get the most out of his teammates. And guess what happened? The next generation who saw “the Michael Jordan highlight reel” became exactly what the highlight reel showed, his skill-set and not his game.

This became apparent when the new and improved Jordan arrived in the NBA. His name was Kobe Bryant and Kobe Bryant emulated Michael Jordan’s to a T. He walked like Mike, He dunked like Mike, He shot like Mike. Every move that Michael had ever done became a move that Kobe Bryant perfected. Kobe Bryant became the perfect duplicator of Michael Jordan. Unfortunately, there was one thing that Kobe was unable to duplicate….Michael Jordan ability to lead his team. The key ingredient that wasn’t promoted during the Jordan era, his leadership..his team approach, became the weakness in Kobe Bryant’s game! Kobe had no idea of the team concept even though he captured the perfect skill-set. He could shoot, dribble-drive, fade away, pivot. He had a post up game; he had a mid-range game; and he could hit the 3. The only thing that was missing was his inability to play with others. To lead others, to make others better.

This is the reason why they moved Magic out of the game and replace his “team first” fundamentals with the athleticism and so-called individual accomplishments of Michael Jordan. Magic was the original transformation of basketball. Magic showed the world how important the assist was to basketball. He made the game fun. He made the game exciting. He made the game a “work of art.” It was impossible to promote Magic individual skill-set without promoting the idea that his selfishness made others around him better. Magic Johnson was the epitome of TEAM player and he had the uncanny ability to grab the spotlight and make sure others had a chance to shine.

So now when Mark Jackson talks about Curry messing up the game of basketball, what he’s really saying is that the promotion of him being the best shooter — again the best shooter, the individual aspect of his shooting– it what is hurting the game. They’re not promoting the defense, they’re promoting dribbling, but not really, just one aspect of dribbling..the cross-over. All other aspects of the game are being clouded, are being put in the shadow. That’s why in high school gyms, the first things kids do is shoot 3s. It not because of Curry…it’s because they only show the repetition of Curry’s shooting ability.

Someone told me a long time ago….”The best thing about art is the artist participation in art. Basketball is an artistic expression but the individual spotlights and accomplishments of Jordan and Curry corrupts and distorts the wholeness and the pureness of basketball. This is very similar to what we see with beauty. Right now, we are just focused on the booty of a woman and that individual part is the only thing that’s being highlighted. But it is the wholeness of a woman that represents beauty, not her individual parts. And guess what? Beauty is corrupted because women are now seeking surgeries, risking their health by allowing strangers to inject foreign substances inside their bodies.

We need to start promoting wholeness, not individual parts. We need to promote the all-around game of Stephen Curry. How he transformed basketball to where the center now is six-seven instead of seven-one. We need to explain how this happen, we need to analyze the spacing, we need to dissect the game of Basketball. We need to overstand how Curry’s range and accuracy has opened up the game of Basketball. It has created more space and made his teammates better because “quickness in the middle” has become more important than “size in the middle.” Quickness prevails when more space is available. If space is limited, then size would matter more. But no one is really talking about that transformation. Yeah they mention how well Green is playing and they talk about how his elevated performance is connected to Curry’s but they don’t give dissecting details like they do when they show Curry’s quick release or ball handling skills.

So don’t blame Stephen Curry for his accuracy, blame the promotion of ESPN that only shows the individual characteristics of basketball over and over and over again. This era is all about shooting, the last era was all about athleticism. When are we going to have an era about Basketball. We have become victims of our promotion.

The Cream

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The Secret Sauce TMP is the key ingrediant behind our new product called The Cream. TMP was discovered deep in the interior of Africa and people have been utilizing its benefits for centuries.

The Cream is based upon the success of the mysterious product used by Barry Bonds. It was claimed that “The Cream” allowed Barry to put in serious workouts on a daily basis without dealing with the soreness generated by Lactic Acid.

Fortunately you don’t have to take Human growth Hormones HGH, to flush out Lactic Acid after a hard workout. We have discovered that taking TMP on a daily basis will destroy parasites, remove toxins, and restore vitality to sore muscles. Furthermore, TMP has been tested and stays within the framework of substances allowed under World Anti-Doping Agency guildlines.

Mom sees son play for the first time

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It’s been just six months since President Barack Obama granted her clemency and released her from federal prison 15 years into a 20-year drug sentence. It’s been 10 weeks since she left a halfway house and moved back home; eight weeks since she bought her first cellphone; five weeks since she learned to drive again; and four weeks since she met some of her nieces and nephews for the first time. It’s been two days since her most recent panic attack, which she spent holed up in her bedroom, overwhelmed by the freedoms and stresses of the outside world.


The Best Brazilian Butt Lift Workout…The OooFBall

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The OooFBall “Brazilian Butt Lift Workout” is the most efficient way to sculpt the Booty. Without plastic surgery or butt injections, the OooFBall “Lunge Hops” creates the power that definitely builds the booty and creates a more sculpted shape to overall silhouette of the body. Recommended and designed by two time Gold Medalist Steve Lewis, The OooFBall tones the gluteus, the buttocks, the abs. Using fast twitch muscles, you are not only building power and energy in your legs but you end up duplicating the power movements of a sprinter as they explode down the track. As you are bounding, you are putting all that power and pressure into the legs that ultimately fires other muscles throughout the body.

Never before seen Pole Dancing

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I can almost guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before. 

Strong Athletic and Fit is Feminine

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Ronda Rousey is starting to receive some recognition for her accomplishment and is starting to set new trends for female athletics.  But Rousey is not a stranger to combat sports.  She has deep roots in competitive Judo.  She took up Judo at age 11.  She has won more the twenty gold medals in international competition and she won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  She credits her mother greatly for inspiring her success because her mother didn’t raise her to be a “Do Nothing Bitch.”  These are her words not mine.  Evidently she takes after her mother, Ann Maria Demars, the first American to win a world championship in Judo.  Her mother installed the values that being strong, athletic, and fit is not only a masculine trait, it’s a feminine trait as well.


The Cover up of the MMR Vaccine

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Earlier this month I posted a video about the alleged connection between the MMR Vaccine and Autism. It received some interesting remarks but there was one consistent remark that I kept hearing over and over again “There is no reliable evidence of the link between the vaccine and autism, and there is a great deal of evidence that the vaccine is beneficial and generally safe.” But according to House Representative R Posey from Florida, there has been plenty of effort to destroy evidence that connects the MMR Vaccine to Autism. Listen in as Rep Posey provides documentation to each congress member and urges the house to start an investigation into the possible cover up by the CDC.  Recorded July 29th 2015.



The Shaming of the Body

I fell like I am in an episode of the twilight zone where I keep having this reoccurring dream over and over again and I can’t wake up.  Right now I cannot believe that we are still having a discussion about the image of the black women’s body especially when every nationality under the sun is attempting to create the curves that Serena Williams naturally posses.  And what’s more amazing is the fact that this discussion includes Serena Williams who is not only is the greatest tennis player of all time but may well become the greatest female athlete of all time.


But if you know the history of this country, you will realize that the body image  relationship between black and white has been taking place for the past 200 years.  It started when Venus Hottentot landed on the shores of England and was shown-off as a freak on stage.  Because of her extra large buttocks (steatopygia), Venus was paraded as the opposite of what a ‘normal’ Caucasian female was.  She was ridiculed, despised, sexualized, and eventually imitated years later as European women begun wearing bustles to enhance their bottoms and corsets to make their waist smaller.


The irony of this admiration is that while the accentuation of the backside, waist and breasts had become an idealized form of sexual identity, the depiction of the Hottentot tribe was presented as masculine and promiscuous.  Apparently, the physical types that represent the infinite diversity of the black female body is not appreciated when it’s born to a black women. Only white women who can emulate a black figure are appreciated.M0020265 A hunter offering a French gentleman three 'hottentot' women

But Serena Williams defies the logic of racism.  You cannot categorize her body as hyper-sexual.  You cannot put the stigma of inferiority upon her blackness.  You cannot classify her body type as being primitive. and you definitely can’t say that Serena Williams looks like a man.

Because This is what a Man looks like:

caitlyn jenner


venus williams dress

It’s time we move beyond an environment that makes it OK for a Man to transform himself into a women (Transgender) but ridicules a black women for being a Black Woman.



Pole Dance Fitness

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Ever since I entered my first strip club in the mid-90s, I have always admired the athleticism and eroticism of adult entertainers. Of course, being sexually stimulated has always been a bigger priority even though the first stripper I ever saw, stage name, Lelonni did a stunt so amazing that twenty years later, I still remember every detail of her performance. It was part gymnastics, part yoga, it was pole dance fitness with very little energy spent of eroticism.  Just the fact that a half naked women was doing amazing stunts was good enough for me.

Over the years I have found myself far less interested in seeing women gyrate their bodies across the stage, and instead have become more attracted to seeing a graceful expression of the female body. I blame this on desensitization. Since the production of the film, Mind Booty and Soul, I’ve personally witnessed and filmed over 1000 models posing either naked or scantily clothed. So fantasying over a women’s body is not necessarily entertainment to me, sad to say, it’s become a job.

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Booty Back and Thighs

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Warning 100 % Natural Body: Personal Trainer Shawn Lapree gives a demonstration of how she transformed her body, (specifically her Booty, Back, and Thighs) into beautiful work of art and during the process, lost over 50 pounds.

Video Editing:Khalfani

The Truth about Vaccines

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Senior Government scientist breaks 13 years of silence on CDC’s Vaccine-Autism Fraud where African American Boys are willfully exposed to high risk of Autism from the MMR Vaccine.

LA City 300m Hurdles

Booty Enhancement Series #1

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Introducing the new Build you Booty video series where we will be breaking down the booty into different muscles groups and showcasing the best exercises for each group.



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